The is a site that combines the identification and promotion of the best new musical talent in the country – age is irrelevant. The site was launched in December 2010 ¬†and so far has received over 85,000 visits .My personal ethos is that whatever is linked to my name is quality and I receive a lot of requests to attend gigs or to review online, by musicians who add my reviews to their sites. I am also linked to Chelmsford City Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts having reviewed ‘The Fling’ twice in the past. I am delighted to be reviewing it again this year. I am also published by the local press.

I review for David Houston of ‘Future Sound Share’ as well. He promoted a brilliant China Drum gig last year and I am looking forward to reviewing for him again this year.

If any musicians want some advice on how to progress your career, please take a look at the interview I did with The Bull in Colchester 10th August. Tomer from Treetop Flyers has sent me his views on this subject which I have now posted. Adam Lee from China Drum has also added his advice.

I have just reviewed Stu E Skinner’s latest album called ‘Parallels.’ Stu and his band come from Colchester.

Happy Easter to everyone. I wish you lots of chocolate and sunshine!

As ever, thanks to all of you who have contacted me and added my work to yours.It is much appreciated.

Lisa x