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The is a site that combines the identification and promotion of the best new musical talent in the country – age is irrelevant. The site was launched in December 2010  and so far has received over 90,000 visits. In addition, bands and other musicians post my reviews on their sites so that the project has a wide ranging global audience. I am also published by the local press, agencies such as Future Sound Share and I am also linked to Chelmsford City Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts having reviewed ‘The Fling’ four times in the past.My personal ethos is that whatever is linked to my name is quality and I receive a lot of requests to attend gigs or to review online .

If any musicians want some advice on how to progress your career, take a look through some of my previous posts particularly by the advice from F.O.X    You can also look at the advice given by Lemoncurd Kids at this year’s Fling festival.

I have posted a review of Squadra Omega,a cosmic,psychedelic,jazz based collective today.

I moved house just days before the V festival but decided not to apply to review this year as it was too close to our removal date. I was disappointed with the reviews that I read, one paper called it a second rate festival with no really big names to headline apart from Kasabian.

Settling into Nailsworth where there are burgeoning music venues in the smaller villages as well as here. I will be focussing on both the local and Bristol music scenes but wherever you are, you are welcome to send me requests for reviews online.

Thanks to you all for supporting the project and as ever, thanks to all of you who have contacted me and added my work to your sites.It is much appreciated.

Lisa x