The is a site that combines the identification and promotion of the best new musical talent in the country – age is irrelevant. The site was launched in December 2010  and so far has received over 85,000 visits .My personal ethos is that whatever is linked to my name is quality and I receive a lot of requests to attend gigs or to review online, by musicians who add my reviews to their sites. I am also linked to Chelmsford City Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts having reviewed ‘The Fling’ three times in the past. I am also published by the local press.

I review for David Houston of ‘Future Sound Share’ as well. He promoted a brilliant China Drum gig last year and I am looking forward to reviewing for him again this year. He is going to promote a series of  secret gigs so watch this space.

If any musicians want some advice on how to progress your career, take a look through some of my previous posts. Although summer is drawing to close and with it the festival season, musically it continues to be a good year. I have just posted a review of a Johnny B Goode single which will be released on September 27th.

As ever, thanks to all of you who have contacted me and added my work to yours.It is much appreciated.

Lisa x